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JCB 930

Make JCB
Model 930
Type Rough Terrain Forklifts

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The 13,973lb (6,340kg) JCB 930 RTFL is powered by our highly efficient 74hp (55kW) EcoMax engine and has a 6,000lb (2,772kg) lift capacity.


  • Maximum Engine Power: 74 hp <br> 55 kW
  • Maximum Lift Capacity: 6,000 lb<br>2,722 kg
  • Maximum Lift Height: 15/22 ft 457/670 cm


  • LOW MAINTENANCE, LONG INTERVALS: Daily checks and greasing are carried out easily at ground level. All filters (engine oil, fuel, transmission, hydraulic oil and air) are near each other for faster servicing too. The air filter is a cyclonic design that ejects dust and debris by centrifugal force resulting in cleaner air and longer air filter life. The hydraulic tank on a new JCB rough terrain forklift is very accessible, and can be filled from ground level. The same is true of the diesel tank, which also has an integral pre-filter for protection against dirty fuel. Gas-assisted cylinders make opening the hood on a JCB forklift easy, and the large, wide service bay provides good access to both sides of the engine. Although most Tier 4 Final engines require exhaust after-treatment like a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) or SCR, EcoMax doesn’t; this means you don’t need to worry about costly heat-resistant lube oils or Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) level maintenance. To keep our rough terrain forklifts productive, we minimize downtime as much as possible; service intervals are therefore long. JCB LiveLink telematics technology offers benefits like real-time data that allows you to monitor and manage machines remotely. You can also monitor any issues and get them resolved swiftly by your JCB dealer, thus boosting productivity throughout the working day.
  • Synchro Shuttle transmission system with integral torque converter
  • A QUALITY PROCESS: Our rough terrain forklift hydraulic cylinders have friction-welded eye-ends for extra strength, plus all pivots use hardened pins. Masts are made from heavy-duty channel and I-section steel, alongside heavy-duty chains and guide roller bearings that are sealed for life. The one-piece fully welded chassis on a JCB forklift maximizes strength and minimizes weight, while axles are the same heavy-duty units we fit to our backhoe loaders and telescopic handlers. Like every JCB machine, our rough terrain forklifts are put through a stringent testing program which includes prolonged high stress loading of the chassis, mast and other key components, as well as repeated transmission use over thousands of cycles. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes like robot machining, precision paint technology and innovative assembly techniques to achieve the very highest levels of quality. Hydraulic rams, cabs, axles, transmissions and engines are all JCB-built, so you can expect optimum reliability and performance. By electrophoretically dipping the cab before applying paint, we give these forklifts highly effective long-term corrosion protection. JCB engines are field proven. We’ve built 200,000 engines since 2004, and we’ve tested our new EcoMax design for 110,000 hours in 70 different machines across the toughest applications and environments.
  • UNBEATABLE PRODUCTIVITY: The 4.4-liter EcoMax T4 Final-compliant engine in a JCB rough terrain forklift produces peak power (74hp/55kW) and torque (400Nm) at just 1200 rpm for superb responsiveness. A fixed geometry turbo further enhances low-rev performance for improved power and tractive effort. You can fine-tune a JCB Rough terrain forklift to any application and terrain. Lift capacity of the 930 is 6,613lb (3000kg); tires are available in large diameter traction or industrial; long pallet forks in either 3ft (1067mm) or 4ft (1200mm); and either 2WD or 4WD. We offer an optional single or double acting mast auxiliary; in turn, these facilitate a huge range of productivity-boosting options. And, because different applications demand different sizes of mast, you can specify 15ft (4.5m) or 22ft (6.7m) variants. There are two different carriage options on this JCB forklift machine: Class IIIB ITA, or Floating Shaft Carriage. As part of JCB’s Vertical Integration Strategy, we build the engine, transmission, hydraulic rams and cab of every rough terrain forklift so that they’ll work in perfect harmony. The end result is minimum compromise, optimum performance. The left column-mounted power shuttle gives the operator fast and easy directional control, while all-wheel servo braking provides smooth and responsive stopping power.
  • Four-speed synchromesh gearbox
  • 18 mph top speed
  • DRIVE SAFELY: Ergonomically positioned grab handles and two cab steps provide quick, easy and safe operator access to a JCB rough terrain forklift cab, with three points of contact at all times. A hydraulic velocity fuse (HVF) is fitted to the mast rams which reduce the speed of collapse in the event of a hose failure. 22ft (6.7m) mast is equipped with an automatic deration valve, which reduces lift capacity above 15ft (4.5m) for safety and stability. We fit these JCB forklifts with a reversing alarm as standard, while our seat safety switch disables forward/reverse controls whenever the operator isn’t seated. All cabs on our RTFLs are FOPS (Falling Objects Protection System) certified, ensuring excellent operator protection at all times. For even greater operator protection against falling debris, opt for our front windshield guard. The new JCB rough terrain forklift has benefited from significant noise reductions so that it runs at 76dB(A) internally and 103dB(A) externally. This reduces noise pollution on the worksite, meaning that you can work in any location, at any time. JCB’s LiveLink telematics system provides real-time machine location data with Geofencing alerts; this allows you to track machine coverage and protect your investment. A factory-fit JCB immobilizer can be either key or keypad-activated; it also automatically arms itself after a set period following engine shutdown. This technology not only helps to safeguard your machine, it can significantly reduce your insurance premium too.
  • Choice of 2 or 4 wheel drive
  • COMFORTABLY SUPERIOR: The large, spacious cab of a JCB rough terrain forklift boasts left and right grab handles with wide-opening doors; standard-fit tinted glass which reflects 30% of solar energy; and a new 3-speed heater fan for improved demisting/de-icing of the windshield. For all-day productive comfort, we offer both suspension and air suspension seating options that can be adjusted to different operator requirements or tasks. When lifting or placing loads, our optional sideshift carriage makes things even easier. In-cab noise levels are reduced. New backlit laser-etched switches aid recognition and night visibility, while simple lever controls ensure total command of mast and auxiliary functions. Visibility is excellent, courtesy of direct glazing, fold-back rear doors, a low hood, high cab mounting position, a large roof screen, a slim line outer mast section, and large front and rear windshields. Optional front and rear work lights provide ultimate visibility. A zero tail swing design means that when the rear tire of a JCB forklift has cleared an obstacle on full turn, you can be safe in the knowledge that the rear counterweight will clear it too. This means our machines are ideal for working in confined areas. JCB rough terrain forklifts are sold all over the world, so we offer a choice of cab (with or without air conditioning) or canopy to suit different climates.
  • 11ft 8in (3.6m) – 18ft (5.5m) mast choice
  • EFFICIENT BY DESIGN: Our new, larger high-flow hydraulic pump translates your rough terrain forklift’s power into efficient lifting for increased productivity; cycle times are up to 51% faster. JCB’s new 74hp (55kW) high-torque EcoMax engine maximizes both productivity and efficiency. What’s more, EcoMax doesn’t need exhaust after-treatment, so costly heat-resistant lube oils or DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) are unnecessary; in turn, you save on servicing costs. A T4 Final-compliant JCB forklift is a product of our Efficient Design Program and, as such, uses up to 11% less fuel than an outgoing Tier 3 model. Because its peak power and torque are produced at low engine speeds, EcoMax provides fuel-efficient matching of transmission and hydraulics. A simple, robust 4-speed synchromesh transmission helps to achieve a top speed of 18mph (29km/h). Every 4WD JCB RTFL can be changed to 2WD at the flick of a switch, reducing fuel consumption and tire wear whenever 4WD isn't required – during road travel , for example.




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